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Should I use a web design agency, or use a builder like Wix or Squarespace?

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The question ‘Should I use a web design agency, or use a builder like Wix or Squarespace’ is very prevalent in the current generation as businesses like to save all the expenses they can. We’re here to clear this question up today!

With mass advertising campaigns and the large ‘hype’ around the new easy to use website builders, there’s no doubt you’re questioning if a professional web design agency is worth the investment. To put it simply, you’ll regret going down the path of a simple website builder.



Simple web design builders are quite frankly limited. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid simple website builders;

  • You are restricted to only a small number of features and systems.
  • Hosting charges are overpriced. We offer free hosting to most of our web design clients depending on the scale of their site. This means 0 monthly and yearly invoices.
  • You won’t stand out. 90% of websites designed in a builder online look very similar which results in a loss of professionalism.
  • SEO functionalities are limited, resulting in lost revenue.
  • You have no one by your side!

£25 a month for a website? This shows that this is not a large business expense and not made for the purpose of a long term investment to generate a good return. Not to mention, you’re going to find yourself getting frustrated with the design and functionality limitations. If the builder’s limitations hurt you at this point, they’re really gonna hurt you in the future when your business expands.

Here are a few features you can expect from a web design agency that you will not get from a simple builder;

  • Integration of any and all features you’d like.
  • Extremely low-cost hosting or no cost at all! (at least from us!)
  • Your SEO has no limitations!
  • Millions of CMS options to best suit your needs. You’re not limited to one.
  • A bespoke, unique design that’ll stand out from your competition.
  • You can stay focused on what matters to you, while an agency like CreateTheWeb takes over the design for you.

The main concern for individuals and businesses when going down the path of a web design agency is the cost. Web design agencies are more affordable than you may think. CreateTheWeb has the most competitive web design agency prices inside of the UK, while still offering pay monthly plans! If you’d like more information on our web design services, click here.

Your website is the face of your business. People no longer look through a phone book to find a supplier or company to fit their needs, they’ll be looking online. You’re less likely to be found and chosen when using a simple website builder due to the SEO restrictions and design flaws that you won’t find with a web design agency like CreateTheWeb. Your website may be the first item that a new customer sees, if your website is bad, or looks similar to other businesses, are you going to stand out and be chosen? Most definitely not.

In conclusion, if you’d like a website up fast to make little to no return then a simple builder is for you. If you’d like any more than this, consider hiring a professional web design agency like CreateTheWeb!