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As I’m sure you’re aware, It’s essential for your business to be online in this day and age. Your presence online will be the face of your business. So many websites are inadequately designed and result in lost revenue, we can solve this with our cutting-edge designs.

We specialise in


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Do I really need a fancy website? Doesn’t my current website do the job?

Your website is how your customers will perceive your business. It’s what makes a business desirable and trustworthy. It’s shorthand for everything that brings your business together, so don’t overestimate an ‘okay website’ because you’ll lose customers!

Mobile Formatting

Your website will not only be stunning on a desktop, but on all sized devices! We have a unique system so that your design is equally as beautiful on all devices.

Google SEO

All our new websites are equipt with the best SEO framework, so you will excel in the Google search field. Please click here if you’d like to view more information in regard to our SEO services.

Member Features

We can provide a wide array of member features. These are great for websites with forums and other interactive features. We can customize the features to your needs.

GDPR Secure

All our websites are fitted with cookie alerts as well as other GDPR security measures, to make sure your website is compliant with the new data laws.

Low Cost Unlimited Hosting

All our web design clients have the possibility to host their website with us upon completion. Our web design client hosting accounts are equipt with unlimited features for little expenses.

Save Costs With WordPress!

If you have your website created and developed with WordPress, we can offer a more affordable rate due to our expertise and efficiency with designing a WordPress website.

Bespoke Design

Our bespoke, cutting-edge web design is like no other. We are here to work with you, not for you to produce a stunning online face for your business.

Get Unique

We understand that our client’s needs are all different. Every business/organization needs different bespoke features. We are able to provide any features you need.

All varieties of individuals and businesses need a website. Stay ahead of your competition and make sure yours is cutting edge.

Here are a few other types of organisations we work with aside from a regularly structured business.

Churches & Charities

We’ve worked with many churches and charities. We can setup unique systems to accept donations, post events, and more. We can develop a website to fit the precise needs of your organisation.


Educational organisations need an up to date, easy to use website. With custom specialties to allow parents to pay for products online, post regular newsletters, and allow pupils to access content, CreateTheWeb can definitely support school website projects.

Individual Influencers

Individual influencers may need a website for various purposes. If you make a living by posting blog articles to a website, we can help boost your revenue. Or, if you simply want to share your story we can help too.


We can help brands with all types of awareness. Whether you’re looking for more conversions, more traffic, or any form of awareness we can help you succeed.

WordPress Designs

This is the choice most businesses take as it’s cost-effective and can provide your customers with all the information they need. WordPress is easy to expand and easy to learn yourself, so you can perform edits once we have completed your core designs.

Online Store

If you need to begin selling products online and increase your profits, this is the service you’ll need. We opt for a WooCommerce framework to save your costs, but stores can be developed on any framework you’d like.

Custom Development

If your website requirements are greatly complex, you may need a custom website. This does not mean you’ll need a website coded purely from scratch, it simply means elements will need to be developed in various programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be!

We aim to provide all individuals, no matter what budget, with a stunning website designed by CreateTheWeb. If our original quote is out of your budget, we can offer various budget & payment plans which you can find below.

Pay Monthly

We offer our clients the ability to pay their websites back monthly. With no interest, no scary fiance or loan companies,  and no price increases our pay monthly options are very popular.

Built to Budget

If by an unlikely case our quote is out of your budget, and you don’t desire to pay monthly, we can offer a ‘Built to Budget’ website. With our Built to Budget websites, we will request your total project budget and make a proposal with features designed around it.


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