We understand that websites can be confusing and take up too much time when you’re running a business. We have you covered with our website support plans.


With our support plans we provide around the clock support from our 5-star help desk. We only have a small team but we use this to our advantage so you can build relationships with our team.


Websites have many security issues, errors and more. Not keeping up to date on the health of your website could cause large issues and breach of data. We provide regular website health checks with our plans.


With our support plans, you are provided with our premium support desk. This means quicker response times and responses after business hours so you can be under support 24/7.


With our support plans, we give you the option to have constant development. This means our team will be constantly upgrading and future-proofing your website with security, features and more.


We can provide support for many different types of websites. This allows peace of mind for your business as you know no matter how your website was created that you’re in safe hands.


With our support, we offer to back up your website free of charge on our premises in our secure 256bit server. Any backups are always at your request for download.

Isn’t my website already secure?

Many clients ask if their website will be secure before we take them under our wing. We never lie to potential or actual clients, Your website will seem secure from the outside 99% of the time, but if you do some further digging, you’ll see otherwise.


Yearly over 4 billion data records are hacked and stolen. Due to the new GDPR protection laws, if your business was to encounter a breach of any size you could face fines of up to £500,000. We can protect your business from these attacks.


Daily we block up to 10 admin login attempts. We are confident our security processing can block 99.9% of potential hackers. No business can ever guarantee a 100% security rate but we are as close as it gets. A potential threat having access to admin rights can result in a major loss of business and reputation. We can help prevent this.


Attacks that attempt to put your website offline are known as ‘DDOS’ or ‘DOS’ attacks. As you can imagine, an offline website can cause a loss of potential customers and a severe drop in profits. These attacks can last as long as the attacker wishes, meaning your website could be malfunctioning for weeks. With our cutting edge technology, we have systems to prevent this.

Fair Prices For Our Clients

Most agencies charge 5-10x more than our current prices. We believe this is unethical and un-needed. Our prices, for the quality we deliver, are unbeatable.